Effective August 30, 2014, Maximillian’s Hall, Pub and Eatery will no longer be open for daily restaurant and bar service. We thank our patrons for the years of loyalty and support. While Maximillian’s will no longer be providing daily services, it will still continue to be available as an event facility for both public and private events. We will also remain the proud home of Pankratz Arts Exchange, Inc. productions. We are also EXCITED to announce a new partnership with Red Cabin at Green Acres. Red Cabin at Green Acres will be the exclusive hospitality provider for all future events at Maximillian’s Hall. They will handle all of your food, beverage and service needs.


Thank you,

Tom and Lisa Pankratz

Watch this website for CHANGES!!!  We have a SHOW coming - SEPTEMBER 25 - FOREVER PLAID.  We'll be posting more details.


The website will now FEATURE...."What's Happening at Max's" and as more information becomes available - we'll be posting the information you'll need to BOOK YOUR WEDDING, HOST A PARTY, REUNION, SHOWER, MEETING, or SEMINAR.

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